• Worcester Public Library rendering

Worcester Public Library

The revitalization of downtown Worcester is in full swing with vibrant new restaurants, outdoor plazas and hundreds of new apartments under construction. In the heart of all of this is the main branch of the Worcester Public Library. But the library is missing a “front door” to allow patrons to directly participate in the downtown activities and the library.

LLB was enlisted to enhance the library’s circulation by creating a new entry that faces the public common or what is known to the locals as “the living room of the city”. The proposal includes a new front entry that effectively makes a wide corridor down the central axis of the library connecting the parking lot at the rear of the building to the common at the front.

Coinciding with this plan comes an interior renovation that requires the rearrangement of the existing book collections and turns an exterior covered walkway into 8,000 square feet of additional interior space. The library will gain some program elements new to the building such as an Innovation Center, Media Lab, and quiet study rooms of various sizes.

The design moves the Children’s Library to a safer location on an upper level, and gives the City of Worcester the opportunity to create an exciting and dynamic world-class destination space for the most important patrons of any public library.