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  • Map of Jodrey Pier

Jodrey Pier Assessment

In early 2018, LLB Architects and their team of architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and cost estimating consultants, conducted a facilities conditions assessment of the Jodrey State Pier; a facility managed by the Massachusetts Economic Development & Finance Agency (MassDevelopment). The Facilities Condition Assessment survey documents the conditions of wharf and pier infrastructure, and buildings located at 1 and 3 State Fish Pier. The primary goal of the study was to inform MassDevelopment of the financial building asset protection needs centering around life cycle and deferred maintenance. The effort resulted in a 10+ year capital planning outlook based on the facility’s current physical state and usage. The report generated from the assessment describes the study’s methodology, assumptions, and exclusions, to inform the criteria for future analysis and decision-making. It included digital, tabular, and photographic information, as well as additional analysis as was needed.

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