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Lincoln School Master Plan

LLB Architects is well-acquainted with the Lincoln School campus, having completed a limited feasibility study for the School in 2005. In 2016, LLB led a master planning process during which we asked: What does a leading school for girls look like? For Lincoln, it is a place “where tradition meets innovation.” The school’s location is one of its best advantages but also one of its greatest challenges.

Our team reviewed Lincoln School’s Strategic Plan and previous Master Plans, existing building plans, spaces, and infrastructure. We conducted a comprehensive facility conditions assessment to provide order-of-magnitude cost analysis on the state of Lincoln’s buildings and grounds, combined with quantitative data extracted from newly created 3D models. We held multiple meetings with the steering committee, stakeholders, faculty departments, Buildings and Grounds, and the steering committee to identify and itemize program requirements and issues. In addition, we engaged many Lincoln School constituents through the use of online surveying to rapidly identify shared opinions of Lincoln School’s strengths and weaknesses.

The findings presented in this planning study were a culmination of the team’s multifaceted research, interviews, analysis, creative thinking, and consensus-building.

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