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Acton Town Facilities Assessment

LLB Architects was hired by the Town of Acton to conduct a Town-wide assessment of their buildings. The project objective was to provide a database and methodology that used a uniform rating system and independent cost projections, allowing the Town to improve how it plans for work at its facilities. After our assessment team completed a document review for the 19 buildings, we visited the structures to identify and observe systems, assemblies, and components for each and note any deficiencies.

We determined the quantities and costs necessary to remedy the deficiencies to develop an order of magnitude estimate for deferred maintenance items. Our team then compared these estimates relative to each other using a facility condition index, which provides an objective level of severity of deficiencies per building by removing the size and significance from the comparison. All of the data collected during the study was stored and processed in a database, which we delivered to the Town. The database allows the Town to organize, filter, and present the information in numerous ways, providing an option for both broad analyses and detailed reporting. Additionally, the database may be continuously updated to rapidly recreate future studies.

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