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Nantucket Town Facilities Assessment

LLB Architects was retained by the Town of Nantucket to conduct a town-wide facilities study to better understand necessary actions to keep their buildings in an appropriate condition for public investment. The primary objective of the study was to provide a database and methodology by which the Town would be able to develop better plans for work at its facilities through a uniform rating system and independent cost projections.

The study encompassed the survey and documentation of the condition of 24 buildings owned by the Town. The analysis included the individual components of the building, systems that were fundamental to the operation of the building, and the building as a whole. The analysis also uncovered areas of common concern. The assessment provided a baseline across the different construction types and ages of the building for budgeting and scheduling repairs. The information from the study informed discussions the Town had regarding the viability or appropriateness of a specific building for a particular use.

The study allowed the Town of Nantucket to develop more accurate forecasts for the fiscal and physical needs of their facilities stock for the next 20 years.

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