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Seven Hills Charter Public School Feasibility Study

In 2019, LLB conducted a study for The Learning First Foundation’s Seven Hills Charter Public School in Worcester, MA. The school sought to verify the viability of purchasing and renovating an existing property. The study consisted of two parts: an existing conditions assessment of the existing five-story building and the associated site and a feasibility study to explore the fit of the school’s program. In addition to reusing the existing building for the main classroom program, the feasibility study included an exploration of building a new gymnasium on a surface parking lot across the street.

Upon completion of the Existing Conditions Assessment Project and the Feasibility Study Project for the Learning First Foundation and Seven Hills Charter Public School, LLB was selected to continue to the design phase of the renovation project. When originally constructed, the building was used as a school but had since been converted for office use. The goal was to convert the five-story building back into a school for grades K-8.

The project included the design of science laboratory classrooms. LLB worked with Seven Hills Charter Public School to develop designs that suited both educational goals and a tight budget. The first design suited the educational goals but had significant costs. LLB was able to reduce laboratory costs while still finding creative means by which to meet the client’s program objectives through collaboration and flexibility. The resulting scheme was achieved by reducing casework to essential locations, revising wall layouts to reduce new construction costs, and strategically placing services. Upon completion of the schematic design phase, it was determined that the site was not suitable for the School’s desired function. LLB continues to work with the Foundation and the School on a new site in Worcester.

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