Bolton Public Library

Built in 1902, the original Bolton Public Library has been in operation for over a century without a single major renovation. The historic library had grown in other ways, however, requiring a new course of action. The abundance of materials gained over the years led to a general lack of space for other traditional functions. Increased technology needs, such as internet access and security measures, also needed implementation. For such a heritage-centric town as Bolton, demolition of the existing building in favor of a larger facility was out of the question.   The key issue facing LLB centered around developing a design for the addition that was at once interconnected to the original through forms yet distinguished and functional. Several distinct styles were taken from the original structure and fused together, replicating materials to accurately reflect exterior themes. Repetition of dormers serve for both form and function, creating pop-out areas to maximize usable areas. The addition is linked to the original library through a glass connector, centralized with the new main entry and stair. This connection falls upon the new building’s central axis, simplifying circulation and program distinction. Capitalizing upon the dichotomy of history and technology, program themes for each division relate back to the structures themselves. The cozy original building houses reading spaces, meeting areas, and historic materials. Elements in the addition include technology spaces, a separate children’s room, and an expanded administration branch.