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Peter Green House at Brown University

The Peter Green House at Brown University was much more than a simple renovation project. To make way for the University’s “The Walk” Project, the 1890 historic wood-framed house was painstakingly uprooted and moved away from its original foundation. Its strategic relocation to the corner of Brown and Angell Streets maintains the mixed use character of the neighborhood, with residential scale and university buildings side-by-side.

The Peter Green House previously housed the Department of History, and continues to do so in its new location. In addition to full restoration, Brown University sought to upgrade the building significantly, with a new ADA-accessible lower level, a LULA lift to the public spaces, new sprinkler system, new fire alarm system, and improved egress stairs. All but one exterior fire escape have been removed, restoring the building to its original character.

Video: Peter Green House Move >>

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