Bryant University Physician Assistant Learning Center

Bryant University sought to establish a School of Healthy Sciences that would be anchored by a graduate Physician Assistant Degree. The degree is one of the fastest growing majors in the country and Bryant is bringing a rigorous and supportive program to prepare their physician assistant students to meet the needs of the health care system. The degree will supplement an already offered masters's degree in business administration with a concentration in health care. All they needed was a space. Bryant's largest academic building, Unistructure; was selected for an addition to house the program. LLB designed the space working with Lavalle Brensinger Architects, specialists in healthcare design, to accommodate the programs unique needs. Working collaboratively with the university to program, plan the building that includes simulation laboratories, lecture classrooms, and office for faculty and staff. The public space was designed to capture the great views of the campus while allowing for an abundance of natural light. The classrooms and laboratories are designed to facilitate the successful transition from classroom to physician’s office. The new addition includes both lecture and team-learning style classrooms, a high-fidelity simulation laboratory, and a realistic physical examination laboratory. The transparent facade shows the bustling activity within the building and includes a grand staircase and a lounge area offset by walls of glass and brick. Additionally, the LLB designed flexible ad-hoc group spaces for student team building and collaborative learning. Photography by Warren Jagger