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ZBT Fraternity House at University of Rhode Island

ZBT fraternity teamed with LLB to design a new home on the URI campus to take the place of the existing structure that was lost to a fire and only partially rebuilt a decade before. Because the program was ambitious in relation to the size of the site and budget, an efficient and economical design was vital. Each room was planned and sized to not only accommodate the required program but also to mitigate waste of materials. Standard length lumber was used at all possible locations to reduce the amount of waste and labor needed to erect the walls. The exterior of the building was designed to be contextual with the surrounding neighborhood. LLB drew from the language of traditional New England residential architecture, materials, and detailing to create a façade with a sense of home. Traditional gable end roofs, used at the entrance to the residential side of the fraternity, brought the façade to a human scale. Careful attention to context and an eye for efficient design helped to define the building, its function, and its structure, while allowing for a renewed sense of home for the students.  

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