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Past Housing Projects

The key to a successful housing development is one that builds community — a sense of place that is appealing, pedestrian-friendly, and financially viable. Whether working in affordable housing, commercial housing, or student housing, we need to first analyze the existing site, consider current trends, the way people move, the living conditions of the residents, the potential views, the topography, and more. To truly build community, there needs to be a conscious effort to improve the communal spaces in the development by defining transitional zones between what is public and what is private. From the sidewalk, to the front lawn, to the stoop, to the entry door, is a sequence that is ever so important in neighborhood planning. It encourages more people to see each other and socialize, which builds a safe and friendly environment, and most importantly, an appealing environment that people want to live in for a high quality of life.

Affordable Housing

  • Oxford Gardens
  • Oxford Place
  • Providence Community Action Program Housing
  • St.James Commons
  • Colonial Village
  • Harris House
  • Mt.Vernon Apartments
  • Temple North Apartments
  • Mount Hope Neighborhood Land Trust
  • .

    Commercial Housing

  • 269 Thayer Street
  • 333 Atwells Avenue
  • Riverview Place
  • 808 Broad Street
  • Gomes Condominiums
  • Weekpaug Inn & Spray Rock Cottages
  • Student Housing

    Brown University
  • 315 Thayer Street
  • Appleby Hall
  • Barbour Hall
  • Hope College and Hegeman Hall
  • Machado House
  • Minden Hall
  • New Pembroke & Vartan Gregorian Quad
  • Wriston Quad
  • Bryant University

  • Campus Residence Hall
  • Rhode Island School of Design

  • 187 Benefit Street
  • Colonial Apartments
  • Ebenezer Knight Dexter House
  • Stephen O. Metcalf House
  • Student Housing Study
  • University of Rhode Island

  • Chi Omega Sorority House Feasibility Study
  • Hillside Hall
  • ZBT Fraternity
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