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LLB Architects is committed to sustainable design that prioritizes environmental responsibility in all facets of building design and construction. We take an integrated and holistic approach to sustainability that considers buildings and landscape as a constructed ecology, focusing around issues of location and orientation, construction and materials, heating and ventilation, and program and flexibility. Our goal is to minimize the impact our building projects have on the environment while maximizing the productivity and comfort of building occupants.

All of our projects take into account some measure of sustainable design. Many opportunities exist for exploration of environmentally-responsible design, including utilizing traditional building orientation, increasing the opportunity for natural daylighting, reducing dependence on artificial lighting, and use of gray water systems from recycled rainwater. These, along with the responsible choices of recycled interior finish materials and new advancements in energy efficient lighting help reduce the impact on the environment.

We are a member of the US Green Building Council and have several LEED accredited professionals that are familiar with the LEED process and green technologies. Almost half of our employees, including all of our principals, are LEED accreditted and can assist in attaining LEED certification. Projects that have been certified LEED Gold include Walpole Public Library, Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences at University of Rhode Island, 315 Thayer Street at Brown University, and Hillside Residence Hall at University of Rhode Island. Boyden Library in Foxborough, MA was awarded LEED Silver. We are extremely excited about the commitment that our region has to sustainable design and we hope to play a continuous role in designing healthy and environmentally-responsible buildings.

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