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Our Philosophy

LLB Architects has a signature project approach rather than a signature architectural style. Our building projects differ from one another because each is designed for highly customized objectives that develop through a comprehensive working relationship with the client. From a Fraternity House building at URI on a shoestring budget to a multi-million dollar library in the center of Watertown, MA, each expresses unique architecture while meeting the objectives of economy, durability, and schedule.

We believe that the quality of the design process largely determines the ultimate success of a building project. By clearly outlining the design phases, schedule, and milestones at an early stage, then driving the process, we guarantee that the client gets what is needed and when it is needed. The architectural design is the tangible end result of this complex process that, when truly integrated and successful, seems like the only natural solution.

Our core design philosophy weaves together architectural inspiration with a proper dose of New England practicality. We put as much design energy into so-called “forgotten” spaces as we do big capital projects because even a modest renovation can vastly improve the end users’ environment. Diversity stands out as a main strength of ours, and we have a long list of projects that showcase our great depth of experience in many fields. Our work includes institutional buildings, recreational facilities, teaching facilities, performing arts theaters, public libraries, specialized laboratories, religious buildings, private residences, and commercial spaces.  

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