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Facilities Planning & Analysis

Facilities management is an ever-changing and inherently complex process. Master plans, infrastructure upgrades, department relocations, daily operations, asset protection – are all variables in a management plan regardless of how prepared, resourceful, or informed an institution or organization may be. LLB Architects has developed a system with the ability to gather, sort, and analyze building data to make informed decisions with their clients on future planning projects. With the knowledge base of our architectural experts, and the proliferation of building information modeling and other advanced technologies, opportunities exist to gather and organize building information into a database system for ease of accessibility. This base of information, directly linked to BIM or CAD drawings using smart tags and attributes, provides the foundation for staying informed and achieving insight into how facilities are functioning. Unlike proprietary facilities management solutions, we are not inventory specialists hyper-focused on a single methodology, but are able to critically look at buildings with a holistic point of view, taking into account the program use, quality of conditions, regulatory compliance, construction costs, and aesthetics. The result is a living system, not a static document, to be utilized in managing, maintaining, and planning facilities with the support of robust information. Contact us for a personal demonstration of this unique system and let's discuss how it can help you plan for the future.

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