Harvard Town Hall

November 22nd, 2017

In 2013, LLB began an exhaustive existing conditions assessment of the Town Hall which resulted in the preparation of construction documents for the restoration of the exterior and the renovation of the interior. One of the town’s goals was to restore the building as close to the original 1870’s design requiring the recreation of a cupola that had been part of the original design. This was possible through the careful study of historic photographs.

Examination of the historic facades determined the level of deterioration and the appropriate approach to restore each piece of siding and trim. Improvements to the exterior of the building included a new asphalt shingle roof, the addition of energy-efficient insulation and aluminum clad wooden windows and cedar siding that replicate the historic character. To bring the town hall into compliance with current building codes and accessibility requirements, a new exterior entrance and interior vertical lift were added. Interior upgrades included the installation of an energy-efficient boiler and water heater, as well as new fire protection and electrical systems.

On the interior, LLB worked with the town to redesign the space layout to better reflect how the town hall operates today, including the addition of much needed large and small conference rooms.

Morriss Lounge, Brown University

November 22nd, 2017

At Morriss Hall, the renovation of the ground floor of a dormitory removed all internal walls from the lobby, “Fireside Lounge,” and Game Room, including two old fireplaces, to provide a contiguous open space. The transformed space includes a new glass vestibule, a double-sided, functional, gas fireplace, a re-imagined game room with built-in wood bench, etched mirror wall, and an enlarged Fireside Lounge for studying. A new restroom was provided, in addition to remodeling the existing restroom.

Light-bathed columns lift up the new ceiling and illuminate the structural armature of a re-imagined student-centered game, lounge, and study space. Columns are wrapped in high-impact drywall, rounded corners and a level 5 finish. The ceiling terminates shy of column faces, allowing a light fixture on each side of every column, to wash each column’s face.

The transformed Fireside Lounge includes a variety of lounge and study seating areas. Glazing beyond looks out on a prominent campus pedestrian walkway and Morriss Arch. Plank acoustical tile ceilings stop shy of gently-rounded column enclosures, to provide space for up-lighting.

The re-imagined game room includes both pool and ping-pong tables, and a lounge area with television. A variety of seating options is provided to include high top tables at windows and a fixed bench at the masonry wall. The masonry wall was covered with reverse etched mirror glass. New piers at this wall are created to match the structural rhythm of the space and conceal relocated roof drains from above.