Community Preparatory School Expansion

November 22nd, 2017

Over the years, LLB Architects has completed several feasibility studies for the Community Preparatory School, an independent middle school serving grades 3 through 8 located in Providence. Each of the studies focused on exploring the options the land-locked urban school had to expand at both their current location on Somerset Street, as well as at other sites in South and West Providence. In 2015, we completed a conceptual study for an addition and renovation of the Community Preparatory School’s main building in Providence. In 2016, in partnership with the neighborhood and the City of Providence, Community Preparatory School was able to close a portion of Somerset Street and convert the adjacent parking lot into a recreational field for use of the school and neighborhood. Garden boxes with raised beds provide additional greenery, as well as a place for students to sit.

The design of the addition draws its zig-zag roof form loosely from the gable roof shapes in the surrounding residential neighborhood. The glass entrance and lobby serves to connect the academic building with the new administrative wing. It functions as an informal gathering place for students and a sheltered place for them to wait in the afternoon for the bus or their parents. The windows stacked at various heights allow students to check to see if their parents are waiting to pick them up. The exposed structure and ceiling, use of glass, and vibrant materials express the welcoming, inclusive nature of the school while the horizontal exterior cladding with accent strips and LED color-changing lighting announce the dynamic presence and personality of the school in a way that the existing school building had not previously. Access to all levels of the academic building was improved through the addition of an elevator at the far end of the lobby. A small, private courtyard with sitting spaces was created at the intersection of the existing building and the addition.

Photography by Nat Rea.

Lincoln School Master Plan

June 25th, 2012

LLB Architects is well-acquainted with the Lincoln School campus, having completed a limited feasibility study for the School in 2005. In 2016, LLB led a master planning process during which we asked: What does a leading school for girls look like? For Lincoln, it is a place “where tradition meets innovation.” The school’s location is one of its best advantages but also one of its greatest challenges.

Our team reviewed Lincoln School’s Strategic Plan and previous Master Plans, existing building plans, spaces, and infrastructure. We conducted a comprehensive facility conditions assessment to provide order-of-magnitude cost analysis on the state of Lincoln’s buildings and grounds, combined with quantitative data extracted from newly created 3D models. We held multiple meetings with the steering committee, stakeholders, faculty departments, Buildings and Grounds, and the steering committee to identify and itemize program requirements and issues. In addition, we engaged many Lincoln School constituents through the use of online surveying to rapidly identify shared opinions of Lincoln School’s strengths and weaknesses.

The findings presented in this planning study were a culmination of the team’s multifaceted research, interviews, analysis, creative thinking, and consensus-building.

Community Preparatory School Feasibility Studies

October 15th, 2009

LLB Architects has been working with the Community Preparatory School (CPS) in Providence since 2002. The Community Preparatory is an independent middle school serving grades 3 through 8. CPS challenges minority and low-income children of Rhode Island to succeed in college-preparatory high-school programs and to become community leaders. About 97% of CPS graduates move onto college-preparatory high school programs.

Over the years we have completed numerous feasibility studies to expand the land-locked urban school, both at their current location with the purchase and closing of Somerset Street, as well as at other sites in South and West Providence. In addition to master planning, over the years we have assisted with building projects such as library and computer lab renovations, fire code upgrades, boiler plant replacement, and classroom renovations to make room for the first class of kindergartners of the Southside Elementary Charter School.

In 2015, LLB completed a conceptual study for an addition and renovation of the Community Preparatory School’s main building in Providence. Funded as part of a $14,000,000 capital campaign, the project includes the addition of a new office wing providing much needed administrative space for the School and a new entry giving the campus a notable arrival point.