Harvard Business School Arthur Rock Center

December 22nd, 2016

The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School supports HBS faculty and their research in the field of entrepreneurial management and seeks to galvanize the business community with the energy and spirit of ‘what’s next.’ The Center offers a community of support, access to content that inspires and informs, and a gateway to entrepreneurial ecosystems everywhere.

LLB worked closely with the Business School and the Rock Center community to renovate an under utilized formal conference space adjacent to the Director’s office into a new open workspace that encourages gathering and collaboration. The flexible spaces allow for group study and discussion while the break-out space provides students with a place to touch-down while at the Center. This area of the Center is meant to encourage face-to-face interaction and discussion while offering the technological tools groups may need for study.

Harvard Business School Wilder House

December 22nd, 2016

LLB Architects has worked with Harvard Business School for several years on the renovation and upgrades to some of the School’s buildings. In the Fall of 2013, LLB was asked to study, evaluate and assess the historic Wilder House in order to make the building ADA compliant in a manner that offered disabled students the same facilities and amenities as the rest of the student body. The project included the renovation of the first floor to include accessible entries, work stations, and conference rooms; interior renovations to the rest of the house included the re-configuration of spaces to accommodate displaced staff from the first floor.

On the exterior, the renovations and restorations focused on simple placemaking gestures. The areas of primary focus included window replacement, re-pointing the brick, and significant restoration to the wood trim details.