Gleason Public Library

The historic Gleason Public Library of Carlisle, Massachusetts, built in 1895 and renovated/expanded in 2000, has an unfortunate history of water penetration and infiltration. Limited repair work addressed gutter replacement and slate roof maintenance, without long-term correction. Lerner | Ladds + Bartels, along with Envelope Preservation Consultant Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc., conducted a full site analysis to determine existing breaches and deficiencies as well as the best methods of repair. The entire foundation will receive new waterproofing equipment, and a perimeter drain shall be installed to prevent buildup of standing water. The exterior will receive full brick and granite repairing and repointing, complemented by a full slate roof and flashing repair/replacement. Window restoration throughout includes wood rot repair, glazing and hardware repair, and sill replacement and painting. Existing damage is addressed with Interior drywall and flooring replacement.