Lincoln School STEAM Hub for Girls

The conversion of the science wing to a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Architecture, and Math) Hub sits at the intersection of several of the key guiding principles of the Lincoln School Master Plan developed by LLB in 2012. It presents an opportunity to recast traditional classroom spaces as agile spaces for group collaboration and project-based learning, improve connectivity, and make the facilities more sustainable and resilient.

The design of the two-story, 4,000 sf addition is very modern; a visual expression of the school’s mantra ‘where tradition meets innovation. It will feature a dramatic glass curtainwall facing the west and 20 vertical fins, or sun shades, spaced in such a way as to create rolling shade as the sun moves. The modern, curvilinear design will allow people outside to literally look through the new addition and see the adjacent building that houses the Frances E. Wheeler Gymnasium.

The chemistry, robotics and physics rooms will be enlarged, vital new group study spaces will be created, and a math/engineering collaborative workspace will anchor the new addition. All classroom and study spaces will be more open, connected and flexible for myriad teaching and learning modes. The kitchen will be reconfigured to provide a direct flow from the dining room and student lounges to a new Student/Faculty Study Space along Butler Avenue and overlooking Blackstone Boulevard and Park.