North Scituate Public Library

In this classic New England village setting, the North Scituate Public Library holds the memories of all the residents of North Scituate who have used it since 1925. The modest 1,600 sf addition and renovation to the original building retain the beauty of the library's historical charm while bringing it into the 21st century to support the growing population.

The exterior prominently features the archive room which is clad in slate panels to portray the importance of the collection within. Another feature of the project is the addition of a large meeting room which will not only serve as a gathering place for events for the community but also as an art gallery where local artists can display their work. Large windows on each side of the library allow the community to look in and provide framed views of the village center from inside. A centrally-located circulation desk and a new books and media at the entrance provide a flexible space for visitors to encounter and interact with each other.

The library worked with local organizations and individuals to create new garden areas which enhance the beauty of the village, including the rain garden, designed to blend seamlessly into the traditional New England landscape. Through a careful renovation of the existing space and a modest but thoughtful addition, the library will continue to be a vital resource for the town for decades to come.

Photography by Aaron Usher III Photography