Brown University – Emery, Woolley, Morriss & Champlin Residence Hall Renovations

As part of a campus-wide initiative to improve the university's residence halls, Emery, Woolley, Morris, and Champlin Halls were renovated during the summer of 2017. The renovations included exterior improvements, wayfinding, along with newly renovated building lobbies, corridors, and floor lounges.

In Emery Hall, a former fitness center was returned to its original use as a student lounge. The renovation included a new glass entry, flooring, paint, furniture, window shades and a gas fireplace insert. The remnants of the fitness center were demolished. A historic fireplace that had been dry-walled over was uncovered. In the process, historic andirons were found. These were restored and the patterns of the andirons where used on the glass walls to prevent visitors to the lounge from walking into them.

The renovation of the lounge in Morris Hall included a new glass entryway, flooring, paint, furniture, window shades, a double-sided fireplace, and an additional accessible restroom. Columns were used as a design element within the space with their soft corners and softer hue of blue with uplight in the plenum space at the top of the column. Attention was paid to the intersection of the detail with functional aspects of the space. The mirrored glass with a pattern was used to connect the two areas within the lounge.