Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency

The State of Rhode Island commissioned Lerner | Ladds + Bartels to determine the feasibility and cost of relocating RIEMA into a larger, existing state-owned facility. Furthermore, to aid coordination and response, the state proposed the co-location of two additional agencies into the same building. As a key part of the study, LLB evaluated the suitability of the existing building to be converted to a “critical use” structure to meet the requirements of the state building code and the latest, emerging standards for coordinated disaster preparedness and management. In addition to programming exercises with each of the agencies, LLB conducted research on standards for critical facilities as well as recently completed buildings in other states. Concurrently, the team evalutated the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, as well as the building envelope, incorporating upgrades into the design to meet the stricter standards. Finally, the site was analyzed with proposed upgrades for perimeter security, safety, and access. LLB delivered a written, full color, bound report, including executive summary, narratives, planning diagrams, site security diagrams, building systems analysis, and a preliminary cost estimate for the proposed work. The report was used for presentation to the state legislature for the procurement of approval and funding.