Miller/Carr Residence published in a new book

July 11, 2013

The Miller/Carr Residence - a custom home designed and built for a young family in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA - is featured in Think's latest publication, Houses Designed for the Country. Think Publishing is an Australian-based publisher that curates and creates books featuring international architectural projects within specific categories. They chose our design of Miller/Carr Residence for its contextual design approach within the forested and secluded site.

From editor Gary Takle:

Many of us prefer to spend our time away from the cities and retreat to a more tranquil location.

We prefer a quiet space, one that allows a more easy-going lifestyle without the distractions of the modern metropolis. Here in this book we have assembled a vast array of the world’s best country houses. Some are cutting-edge contemporary, some have borrowed from more traditional styles of architecture, but all share the same philosophy. They are all homes within which to reflect on life and enjoy the natural environment.

Modern country architecture is usually about creating a house that will sit into the landscape around it and one that will not subtract from the area or rob it of its natural beauty. This often means utilising natural materials such as wood and stone. In addition, a country house should also bring the rural aspect of the landscape to the interior, which can be achieved by installing large windows and careful articulation.

Most important to us who created this book is for you, the reader, to journey through some examples of the world’s best rural architecture. It is our hope that the country-crafted designs presented here will help you achieve your own dream rural retreat. Further, by taking your time to pour over our book, we hope you will experience some of that countryside tranquility in the process.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon or through the Think Store. Check out more of Think's current titles and see more images of the Miller/Carr Residence.