LLB Participates in Library Journal’s Design Institute

January 15, 2015 - Last month we participated in Library Journal's Design Institute at the Boston Public Library. This library building and design event brings librarians and architects together to explore topics related to library design and take part in real-life design challenges.

Held in the newly renovated wing of the Boston Public Library, the two day conference featured tours of area libraries, expert panel discussions, and breakout sessions. Drayton Fair presented  his thoughts and took questions on the popular topic of 'Shrinking Collections, Expanding Expectations;' with Aimee Lombardo participating in the end of the day session 'Ask the Architect.'

The highlight of the event was our breakout session that focused on an actual design challenge. The Springfield City Library in Springfield, MA is in the midst of building a new branch library in a public park. They had many questions related to this important project including what kind of facility will work in that environment? How do you reorganize and rethink spaces in their central library to make it more centered on their users? Where is the best placement for the building in the park? All of these questions were explored through a fun and lively session with librarians all over the country that contributed their ideas and experience to Springfield's design challenge.

Large printed site plans of the park served as a base with small cut-out shapes in varying sizes of program available to the group to place on the site plans to discuss where the building might best fit and what impact it would have. Having participated in the same exercise a few days prior at our office, the Springfield team was able to sit back, observe, and interact with their peers in working towards gaining ideas for their new branch library.

We enjoyed catching up with old friends and colleagues and meeting so many new people at the event. A special thanks to the Springfield Library Team for their enthusiastic  participation in the Challenge and the LLB team that made the day a huge success including: Drayton Fair, Aimee Lombardo, Julie Jancewicz, Neal Bijlani, Greg Bastien, and Gabrielle Angevine.