LLB on Freshome

Freshome is one of the most popular and influential blogs on the internet, dedicated to uncovering and sharing the latest and greatest architecture and design since its founding in 2007. As of June 2012, the site has 305,000+ Facebook fans, 45,000+ Twitter followers, 60,000+ RSS subscribers, and 3.8 million unique visitors each month with traffic growing every month. The primary focus of the site is to share "inspiration to make your home more beautiful, organized and healthy." They believe that a "calm, healthy, beautiful home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world." LLB is privileged to have been recently featured on the site for two of our residential projects, the Hinge House: Modern Vision for a Family Residence and Miller/Carr Residence: Original Architecture Hidden Amongst Trees and Rocks. Check out these projects and see more on Freshome.