Greening of Kingston

Developments at the University of Rhode Island were recently a focus in DDC Journal, a publication for building and real estate professionals. The quarterly magazine interviewed Robert A. Weygand, Vice President of Administration at URI, on the latest initiatives in sustainable and environmental planning. The campus has taken a proactive approach in addressing their carbon footprint by improving energy efficiency in existing infrastructure, infilling the campus rather than sprawling, and achieving LEED certification with many of their newest buildings. Weygand commented on the sustainable features of the Hillside Residence Hall noting, "The most visible and most talked-about features will be our solar panels used to heat water for the building, our green roofs that will be in different locations and the air circulation system in it. A lot of the site and building techniques are all done in a sustainable fashion, which will lead to what we hope is another LEED Gold certification."

Read the rest of the article on page 192 of the DDC Journal online.